• 5. Sparticist (Communist) revolt begins in Berlin
  • 18. Peace negotiations start at Paris
  • 25. Peace conference accepts principle of League of Nations
  • 6. Germany National Assembly meets at Weimar
  • 14. Draft Convenant of League of Nations completed
  • 24. Wilson arrives at Boston aboard George Washington
  • 28. Lodge starts campaign against League of Nations
  • 4. Founding of Comintern (Third International) at Moscow
  • 13. Admiral Kolchak begins his offensive against Bolsheviks in Russian Civil War
  • 14. Wilson returns to Paris after a month's absence
  • 3. Wilson becomes sick with influenza
  • 7. Allies evacuate Odessa
  • 23. Wilson appeals directly to Italians in an effort to gain their support for his views on peace settlement
  • 24. Italian Premier Orlando walks out of peace conference over Fiume issue
  • 6. Peace conference disposes of Germany's colonies
  • 7. Treaty of Versailles submitted to German delegation
  • 21. German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow
  • 28. Treaty of Versailles signed in Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Signing of Treaty of Versailles disarmed Germany of a military air force but did not include rockets as potential weapons, thus leaving Germany free under international law to develop them.