• 28. Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife at Sarajevo, Bosnia.
  • 28. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
  • 29. Russian mobilisation ordered.
  • 1. Germany declares war on Russia. France orders mobilisation.
  • 2. Germany demands free passage through Belgium.
  • 3. Germany declares war on France.
  • 3. Belgium rejects Germany's demand.
  • 4. Germany at war with Belgium. Troops under Gen. Von Kluck cross border. Halted at Liege. Great Britain at war with Germany. Kitchener becomes Secretary of War. Wilson proclaims US neutrality
  • 5. President Wilson tenders good offices of United States in interests of peace.
  • 6. Austria Hungary at war with Russia.
  • 7. French forces invade Alsace. Gen. Joffre in supreme command of French army. Montenegro at war with Austria. Great Britain's Expeditionary Force lands at Ostend, Calais and Dunkirk.
  • 8. Serbia at war with Germany.
  • 12. Great Britain at war with Austria-Hungary. Montenegro at war with Germany.
  • 14. Battle of the Frontiers begins
  • 17. Belgian capital removed from Brussels to Antwerp.
  • 19. Canadian Parliament authorises raising expeditionary force.
  • 20. Germans occupy Brussels.
  • 23. Japan at war with Germany. Begins attack on Tsingtau.
  • 24. Germans enter France near Lille.
  • 25. Austria at war with Japan.
  • 26. Viviani becomes premier of France. Opening of the Battle of Tannenberg
  • 28. Austria declares war on Belgium.
  • 30. Amiens occupied by Germans.
  • 31. Russian army of invasion in East Prussia defeated at Tannenberg by Germans under Von Hindenburg.
  • 3. Paris placed in state of siege: Government transferred to Bordeaux.
  • 5-10. Opening of the First Battle of the Marne. Von Kluck is beaten by Gen. Joffre, and the German army retreats from Paris to the Soissons-Rheims line.
  • 14. French reoccupy Amiens and Rheims.Opening of the First Battle of the Aisne; start of trench warfare.
  • 29. Antwerp bombardment begins.
  • 2. British Admiralty announces intention to mine North Sea areas.
  • 9.Antwerp surrenders to Germans. Government removed to Ostend.
  • 13. British occupy Ypres.
  • 14. Canadian Expeditionary Force of 32,000 men lands at Plymouth.
  • 15. Germans occupy Ostend. Belgian government removed to Havre, France.
  • 5. Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
  • .
  • 5. Cyprus annexed by Great Britain.
  • 8. Off the Falkland Isles, British squadron under command of Rear-Admiral Sturdee, sinks three of the German cruisers which had destroyed the Good Hope and Monmouth on Nov. 1. The Dresden escapes.
  • 16. German squadron bombards Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby on east coast of England.