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Programming with Python:

A Better way to Learn Python
Tim Altom Mitch Chapman

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Format: Paperback, 372pp.
ISBN: 0761523340
Publisher: Prima Communications, Inc.
Pub. Date: November 1999

Programming with Python is filled with practical applications and code to help you get up to speed with this innovative programming language. Browse the "recipes" of scripts and create programs faster and with less hassle. The included CD-ROM contains the Python code, programs, and the text of the book. Before you know it, you will have cross-platform program interfaces, a search engine for your Web site, and more programs than you would have thought possible
Xml Processing with Python

with Cdrom
Sean McGrath

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Format: Paperback, 556pp.
ISBN: 0130211192
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub. Date: February 2000
Edition Desc: Book & CD ROM

  • Breakthrough techniques for building XML applications — fast!
  • Includes a detailed Python tutorial
  • Learn about DOM and SAX application development with Python
  • Exclusive coverage of the new Pyxie XML processing library
  • CD-ROM includes Python and Pyxie distributions for Windows NT and Linux—plus powerful utilities and lots of working code
When it comes to XML processing, Python is in a league of its own.

If you're doing XML development without Python, you're wasting time! Python offers outstanding productivity — especially in the areas that matter most to XML developers, such as XML parsing, DOM/SAX implementations, string processing, and Internet APIs. And now there's Pyxie — the new open source library that makes Python XML processing even easier and more powerful. In XML Processing with Python, top XML developer Sean McGrath delivers the hands-on explanations and examples you need to get results with Python and Pyxie fast — even if you've never used them before!

  • Install Python and the Pyxie XML package
  • Learn the fundamentals of Python: control structures, classes, nested lists, dictionaries, and regular expresions
  • Process XML with regular expression-driven, event-driven, and tree-driven techniques
  • Understand Python's support for DOM and SAX APIs
  • Explore the power oworked examples of GUIdevelopment,database integration, and an XML query-by-example implementation.
Elegant, easy, powerful and fun, Python helps you build world-class XML applications in less time than you ever imagined. If you know XML, one book has all the techniques, code, and tools you'll need to process it:
Core Python Programming

with Cdrom
Wesley J. Chun

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Available: Ships 1-2 weeks
Format: Paperback, 500pp.
ISBN: 0130260363
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub. Date: June 2000
Edition Desc: BK&CD ROM

The Quick Python Book

Kenneth McDonald

Our Price: $31.96
Retail Price: $39.95
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In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 422pp.
ISBN: 1884777740
Publisher: Manning Publications Company
Pub. Date: September 1999

A comprehensive guide to one of the fastest-growing computer languages including Web and Internet applications. This clear and concise introduction to the Python language is aimed at readers who are already familiar with programming in at least one language. The Python core language reference that concludes the book has been designed to get new Python users to an advanced level of programming.
Python and Tkinter Programming

John E. Grayson

Our Price: $39.96
Retail Price: $49.95
You Save: $9.99 (20%)
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 688pp.
ISBN: 1884777813
Publisher: Manning Publications Company
Pub. Date: November 1999

Python programmers often need to add Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to their applications to make them really useful. However, the documentation available for Tkinter, on the Web or elsewhere, is very sketchy; programmers find themselves having to read code in order to understand component usage. This manual includes full documentation for Tkinter, and also offers extensive sample code for many real-world Python/Tkinter applications that will give programmers a flying start on their own projects. The included examples go far beyond "fill-the-form" interfaces to include complex controls, drawn interfaces, and photorealistic panels.
Python: Essential Reference

David Beazley
Foreword by Guido Van Rossum

Our Price: $27.96
Retail Price: $34.95
You Save: $6.99 (20%)
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 240pp.
ISBN: 0735709017
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
Pub. Date: December 1997

The goal of the Python Essential Reference is to concisely describe the Python programming language and its large library of standard modules, collectively known as the Python programming "environment." It is arranged into four major parts. First a brief tutorial and introduction is presented, then an informal language reference will cover lexical conventions, functions, statements, control flow, datatypes, classes, and execution models. The third part will cover the Python library, and the final section covers the Python C API that is used to write Python extensions. This book is for the professional who has experience with other systems programming language such as C or C++, and is looking for content that is not embellished with basic introductory material on the Python programming environment.

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