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Java, Java, Java

Java, Java, Java

Object-Oriented Problem Solving
Ralph Morelli

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Format:Textbook Paperback, 1st
ed., 973pp.
ISBN: 0130113328
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pub. Date: December 1999
Edition Desc: Book & CD-ROM

The text uses a top-down approach to focus on problem decomposition and program design from the beginning. It is this methodology-along with its lucid and engaging exercises and analogies- that sets this book apart. Morelli introduces some of Java's advanced features including GUIs (e.g. AWT and Swing), exceptions, threads, files, and sockets. Because of this resource's adaptable and accessible style, instructors can easily choose which advanced concepts to teach to introductory students while intermediate level programmers can also benefit from its thorough advanced feature coverage.

Offers an emphasis on design and problem solving through instruction and examples Emphasizes OO design concepts such as inheritance and information hiding early on and presents them as an essential component of using an OO language Features GUI elements and applets to captivate and maintain the reader's interest while introducing them to real-world examples Incorporates action learning tools such as "In the Laboratory" sections, "CyberPet" examples, and drop-in boxes on effective design, programming and debugging tips, and Java language rules Covers advanced features of the Java: GUIs, graphics and drawing; exceptions; recursive problem solving; threads and concurrent programming; files, streams, and input/output techniques; sockets and networking; and data structures Includes a Companion Website-with extensive supplementary resources such as a Study Guide, Power Point slides, Java code-and a CD-ROM that includes the Java code for all the examples in the text, and JavaŽ 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Borland JBuilder 3, University Edition, andNetBeans

Java 1.1 Certification Training Guide

Java 1.1 Certification Training Guide

Java Programer Certification
Java Developer Certification
Cary A. Jardin

Our Price: $39.99
In-Stock: Ships 2-3 days
Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 605pp.
ISBN: 078971390X
Publisher: Que
Pub. Date: October 1997
Edition Desc: Book &ammmp; CD-ROM

This Exam Guide prepares readers for the two official Sun Java certification exams. Book/CD ROM set contains more than 20 practice tests based on real Sun proctored exams. The practice tests on the CD ROM give the reader automated grading and results. Contains complete coverage of Java 1.2 and all the related technologies that a Java developer has to understand in order to pass the exams
  • Covers both of Sun s Java certification programs: Java Programmer Certification, and Java Developer Certification
  • Author Cary Jardin is working closely with Sun to write this Exam Guide our book will be written using actual, proctored exams from Sun
  • Only other way to get this information is to take a series of 3 classes from Sun - in Mountain View, CA for $3,800
Enterprise Java

Enterprise Java

Where, how, when and when Not to Apply
Java in Client/Server Business Environments
Jeffrey Savit
Sean Wilcox
Bhuvana Jayaraman

Our Price: $44.95
Available: Ships 1-2 weeks
Format: Paperback, 350pp.
ISBN: 0070579911
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Pub. Date: October 1997

"Think client/server computing and the Internet have changed your life? Java's going to be twice as important - it will totally change the way you write applications and distribute them to clients," says Datamation. Java computing on the enterprise is coming. Web-based business applications, on Intranets and the Internet, are the leading new trend in enterprise-wide application development, and Java is a big reason why. Companies now have the tools they need to produce powerful applications that are tied in to a Web-based corporate Intranet or Extranet. This book is a guide to the effective use of Java technology for client/server business application development.
Java Elements

Java Elements: Principles of Programming in Java

Principles of Programming in Java
Duane A. Bailey

Our New Price: $70.75
In Stock: 24 hours
Format:Textbook Hardcover, 1st ed.
ISBN: 0072283572
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Pub. Date: January 1999

This book was written for the first course in Computer Science. The content of this text will fit in well at mid to upper level schools for the computer science major. The book contains over 20,000 lines of Java code that are unique to this book. The source code, as well as other electronic material, will be available on the McGraw-Hill website.
Introduction to
Programming Using Java

Introduction to Programming Using Java; Java 2 Update: An Object-Oriented Approach

Java 2 Update: An Object-Oriented Approach
David M. Arnow
Gerald Weiss

Our New Price: $67.75
Our Used Price: $53.25
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format:Textbook Paperback, 1st
ed., 805pp.
ISBN: 0201612720
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.
Pub. Date: August 1999

Arnow and Weiss (both computer and information science, City U. of New York-Brooklyn) present a primary text for an introductory course in programming for students with no programming background. They provide enough material for a sequence of one or two semesters, which would be followed by a traditional course in data structures.

This book features

  • All code is revised and tested to be compatible with Java 2 (and Java 1.1)
  • Contains optional supplements covering graphical user interfaces (GUIs) at the end of each chapter
  • Includes a chapter with three robust applications that use the text's class design procedure and allow students to tie the material together
Java for Business

Java for Business: Using Java to Win Customers, Cut Costs, and Drive Growth

Using Java to Win Customers,
Cut Costs, and Drive Growth
Thomas Anderson

Our Price: $27.95
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 368pp.
ISBN: 0471288292
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Inc.
Pub. Date: December 1997

This book shows how to use JAVA to make money. In-depth case studies show how large and small companies have used Java to create dramatic new tools for linking customers, staff members, and distributors. It also explains a wide range of Java-based research, transaction-processing, and interactive communications functions that build sales and save money. Java for Business offers front-line experience from companies as divers as Netscape, Hoffman La Roche, Virtual Vineyards and more.

Thomas Anderson is V.P. of Corporate Communications at Millipore, Inc., a Boston based biotech company with a sophisticated Web presence.

Java Gems

Java Gems: Jewels from Java Report

Jewels from Java Report
Dwight Deugo (Editor)

Our Price: $29.95
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 248pp.
ISBN: 0521648246
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pub. Date: July 1998

Dwight Deugo (Editor of Java Report) has gathered the most important articles from the first year of the magazine. Written by a savvy who's who of industry experts, Java Gems covers today's most important aspects of Java development. Broken into special topic sections, Java Gems' top writers and developers walk you through the topic areas that are essential to today's Java developers.
Inside the Java Virtual Machine

Inside the Java Virtual Machine

Bill Venners

Our Price: $44.95
In Stock: 24 hours (Same Day)
Format: Paperback, 568pp.
ISBN: 0079132480
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Pub. Date: March 1996

Many Java programmers need to fully grasp the workings of the Java Virtual Machine, the heart of the Java language. This insider guide gives them the understanding they need to write more effective code for Java programs and get maximum performance from Java applications. Both a tutorial and reference, the book is easy to follow for Java programmers at all levels. Readers learn what's going on underneath their Java programs as they run, and gain valuable insights into garbage collection techniques, multithreading, compilers, bytecodes, the Java interpreter and more. The accompanying CD-ROM contains numerous code examples, as well as interactive illustrations that provide valuable programming insights.

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