Songs of Longing
Dreams of Hope

Romantic, Erotic Love Poetry
By W. I. Boucher

Self PortraitThere is no worse fate a person can suffer than the loss of a lover. Whether the loss is because of death or departure, the pain and grief that we feel is still the same. The aching pain can easily overwhelm us and drive us to the edge of reason.

In this time of trouble we must find strength, and the hope that someday we can live and love again. I have found my strength through writing poetry. Through my romantic and erotic love poems and songs I have come to terms with what I had, have, and may have again someday.

This collection of romantic and erotic love poems is dedicated to all lovers around the world faced with that aching moment in their life. I hope that your hears will heal soon, and that you will find joy in your life.

I hope my poems help you find peace. If you find my poetry worth reading, share my poems with a loved one. I wish all of you lovers all the best in the world.

Songs of Longing
Dreams of Hope

Our lives are like an open book
our story exposed to all who look
the life we lead is written there
in ink of blood sweat and tears

We count the days we have left
and treasure the time well spent
that precious coin of experience
paid for memories we hold close

Joyful moments of life's celebration
mournful moments of dark dispair
are all captured and preserved in
songs of longing, dreams of hope

W. I. Boucher October, 6, 1999