Società Italiana Aviazione 7B

Società Italiana Aviazione 7B 1917
Società Italiana Aviazione 7B1

The Società Italiana Aviazione 7B was designed to replace the earlier pusher planes in service with the Italian air force. The SIA 7b was tested and approved for production in early 1917. The initial production aircraft were delivered to the reconnaissance squadrons in the summer of 1917. A later version had a different fairing of the fuselage decking. the SIA 7B proved extremely disappointing. Its workmanship was bad, and it suffered from wing failure, losing its wings in flight. Another fatal problem involved the Fiat engine mounted on this model which was notoriously troublesome. It was known to suffer from backfire at the carburetor and catching fire, much to the discomfort of the air crew. After a string of many fatal accidents this design was permanently withdrawn from service in June of 1918.

  • Type: Reconnaissance
  • Entered Service: summer of 1917
  • Manufactor: Società Italiana Aviazione
  • Engines:
    • Fiat 12 260 hp (B1)
    • Fiat A 12bis 300 hp (B2)
  • Length: 9,07
  • Height: 3,15
  • Empty Weight: 1150
  • Loaded Weight: 1650
  • Maximum Speed: 175
  • Wing Span: 13,32
  • Ceiling: 5,000
  • Endurance: 4 hours
  • Crew: 2


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