Liberty 12-A Engine
Liberty 12-A Engine
  • Date of Manufacture: 1918
  • Country: United States
  • Type: V-12 Water-cooled in-line
  • Weight: 820 pounds
  • Number Produced: 20478
  • Aircraft Example: D.H.4

America's greatest technological contribution during WWI was the Liberty 12-cylinder water-cooled engine. Rated at 410 hp., it weighed only two pounds per horsepower, far surpassing similar types of engines mass-produced by England, France, Italy, and Germany at that time.

During the war, 20,478 Liberty 12s were produced by Packard, Lincoln, Ford, General Motors, Nordyke, and Marmon. They were used primarily in U.S.-built D.H.4s, the only American-made airplane to get into combat over the Western Front.