Louis Charles Breguet
Louis Charles Breguet
Louis Charles Breguet
  • French Aviation Pioneer
  • Engineer and Industrialist
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Date of Birth: January 2, 1880
  • Date of Death: May 5, 1955
Aircraft Designs:

Louis Charles Breguet: French Aviation Pioneer

Louis Charles Breguet developed an early interest in aviation technology. He developed a wind tunnel in 1905 which would measure and evaluate the effects of airflow on airfoils. He a pioneer aircraft designer who understood the need for pre-flight experimentation and testing.

His first aircraft was a rugged biplane produced in 1909. This aircraft set speed records,and standards of quality accepted in the aviation industry.

Breguet was very successful during World War I. The company produced over 8000 Breguet XIV reconnaissance aircraft for the Allied Forces. The Breguet XIX made history in the postwar years as a long distance aircraft capable of flying across oceans and continents.

Post War

In 1919, Louis Breguet established a commercial air transportation company, Compagnie Des Messageries Avienne, now named Air France.