Julius Arigi
Julius Arigi
  • Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Rank: Offizierstellvertreter
  • Units: Flik 1J, 6, 41J, 55J; G1
  • Victories: 32
  • Date Of Birth: October 3, 1895
  • Place of Birth: Decin, Bohemia
  • Date Of Death: August 1, 1981
  • Place of Death: Attersee, Austria

The Life of Julius Arigi

On October 5, 1913, Arigi joined the Austrian army, serving with an artillery regiment before transferring to the air service in March of 1914. He was the Austro-Hungarian Empire's most highly decorated ace and was greatly admired by both the public and the monarchy. During World War II, he supported the Nazis and served as a flight instructor for the Luftwaffe.