Chester Ellis Wright
  • Country: United States
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service: United States Air Service
  • Units: 93rd Aero
  • Victories: 9
  • Date Of Birth: September 1, 1897
  • Place of Birth: Readville, Massachusetts

Wright attended Harvard for three years before joining the United States Air Service in March of 1917. After serving as a ferry and test pilot, he was assigned to the 93rd Pursuit Squadron on July 29, 1918.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

"For extraordinary heroism in action near Beffu, France, October 10, 1918. Lt. Wright attacked an enemy observation balloon protected by four enemy planes; despite numerical superiority, he forced the planes to withdraw and destroyed the enemy balloon." DSC citation Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) Oak Leaf Cluster

"For extraordinary heroism in action near Bantheville, France, October 23, 1918. Lt. Wright, accompanied by one other machine, took on and sent down in flames an enemy plane (Fokker type) that was attacking an Allied plane. He was in turn attacked by three enemy planes. His companion was forced to withdraw on account of motor trouble. Lt. Wright continued the combat and succeeded in bringing down one of the enemy planes and forced the remaining two into their own territory." DSC Oak Leaf Cluster citation