Alexander Shook
Alexander Shook
Alexander MacDonald Shook
  • Country: Canada
  • Rank: Major
  • Service: Royal Naval Air Service Royal Air Force
  • Units: 4 (RNAS) 204 (RAF)
  • Victories: 12
  • Date Of Birth: December 2, 1888
  • Place of Birth: Tioga, Ontario
  • Date Of Death: May 30, 1966
  • Place of Death: Bala, Ontario

On June 4, 1917, Shook scored the first Sopwith Camel victory of the war when he shot down an Albatros D.III. On 22 March 1918, he shot down an Albatros D.V flown by Bertram Heinrich of MFJ 1.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

"For exceptional gallantry and remarkable skill and courage whilst serving with the RNAS at Dunkirk during May and June of 1917, in repeatedly attacking and destroying hostile aircraft." DSC citation, London Gazette, August 11, 1917

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

"In recognition of services in the prosecution of the war." DSO citation, London Gazette, 1 January 1918