James Meissner
James Meissner
James Armand Meissner
  • Country: United States
  • Rank: Captain
  • Service: United States Air Service
  • Units: 94th Aero, 147th Aero
  • Victories: 8
  • Date Of Birth: July 20, 1896
  • Place of Birth: Londonderry, Nova Scotia
  • Date Of Death: January 16, 1936
  • Place of Death: Birmingham, Alabama

An undergraduate at Cornell University, Meissner dropped out of school to join the United States Air Service in 1917. On March 17, 1918, he was assigned to the 94th Aero Squadron in France, credited with four confirmed victories while flying a Nieuport 28. In July, he assumed command of the 147th Aero Squadron, scoring four more victories while flying the SPAD S.XIII. After the war, Meissner organized the Alabama National Guard in 1920 and for a time, served as its commanding officer.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)

"For extraordinary heroism in action in the Toul Sector on May 2, 1918. He attacked three enemy planes at an altitude of 4,800 meters over the Foret de la Rappe, France. After a short fight, he brought down one of the machines in flames. During the combat, the entering wedge and the covering of the upper wings of Lt. Meissner's plane were torn away and after the battle he was subjected to heavy fire from antiaircraft batteries but by skilful operation and cool judgement, he succeeded in making a landing within the American lines." DSC citation