George McElroy
George McElroy
George Edward Henry "McIrish" McElroy
  • Country: Ireland
  • Rank: Captain
  • Service: Royal Flying Corps Royal Air Force
  • Units: 24, 40
  • Victories: 47
  • Date Of Birth: May 14, 1893
  • Place of Birth: Donnybrook
  • Date Of Death: July 31, 1918
  • Place of Death: Laventie

Before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps, McElroy spent time in the trenches until he was badly wounded in a gas attack. He was Ireland's highest scoring ace and Edward Mannock's star pupil. Five days after Mannock was killed in combat, McElroy's S.E.5a was shot down over Laventie by antiaircraft fire. The Royal Air Force lost two of its finest pilots in less than one week.