Robert Little
Robert Little
Robert Alexander Little
  • Country: Australia
  • Rank: Captain
  • Service: Royal Naval Air Service Royal Air Force
  • Units: 1 Wing; 8 Naval (RNAS) 203 (RAF)
  • Victories: 47
  • Date Of Birth: 19 July 1895
  • Place of Birth: Melbourne
  • Date Of Death: 27 May 1918
  • Place of Death: Near Noeux

Australia's highest scoring ace joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915. Assigned to Dunkirk in late June of 1916, he flew the Bristol Scout and the Sopwith 1½ Strutter, participating in several bombing missions before joining 8 Naval Squadron on October 26, 1916. Scoring his first four victories while flying the Sopwith Pup, his squadron was re-equipped with Sopwith Triplanes in the spring of 1917. With this aircraft, Little scored 24 victories before his Triplane was replaced with a Sopwith Camel. Credited with 19 more victories, he was killed in action attempting to shoot down a Gotha bomber on a night raid.