Ernst Leman
Ernst Leman
Ernst Krislanovich Leman
  • Country: Russia
  • Rank: Praporshik
  • Service: Imperial Russian Air Service
  • Units: 19th Corps Fighter Detachment
  • Victories: 5
  • Date Of Birth: 1894
  • Place of Birth: Lithuania
  • Date Of Death: December 1917

Leman enlisted in the army on November 14, 1914. In 1916, he transferred to the air service and completed flight training on June 29. In April of 1917, he was promoted to Praporshik (Ensign) and scored his first victory in May while serving with the 19th Corps Fighter Detachment.

Severly wounded while scoring his fifth victory on September 26, 1917, Leman was hospitalized for months. He returned to duty on November 22, 1917 but was incapable of flying combat missions. Less than a month later, Leman died from a gunshot wound to the head. It's unclear whether he shot himself or was the victim of Bolshevik revolutionaries.