William Lambert
William Lambert
William Carpenter Lambert
  • Country: United States
  • Rank: Captain
  • Service: Royal Flying Corps Royal Air Force
  • Units: 24
  • Victories: 18
  • Date Of Birth: August 18, 1894
  • Place of Birth: Ironton, Ohio
  • Date Of Death: March 19, 1982

Lambert joined the Royal Flying Corps in Canada. He joined 24 Squadron in France during March of 1918. Suffering from combat fatigue, Lambert was sent back to England for treatment. After he was released from the Royal Air Force, he returned to the United States and wrote two books: "Barnstorming and Girls" and "Combat Report".

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

"He has destroyed six enemy machines and driven down four others out of control, displaying at all times dash and determination. On one occasion, when attacked by two Fokker biplanes, he drove down one, engaged the other at twenty yards rande and crashed it to earth." DFC citation