Nikolai Kokorin
Nikolai Kokorin
Nikolai Kirillovich Kokorin
  • Country: Russia
  • Rank: Praporshik
  • Service: Imperial Russian Air Service
  • Units: 4th Corps Air Detachment
  • Victories: 5
  • Date Of Birth: May 21, 1889
  • Place of Birth: Khlebnikovo
  • Date Of Death: May 28, 1917
  • Place of Death: Podgaytsy

Kokorin joined the army on December 23, 1910 serving first with the Vislyanskaya Mine battalion before his transfer to the air service on January 21, 1914. Assigned to the 4th Corps Air Detachment on September 4, 1915, he was engaged in aerial combat on several occasions while flying reconnaissance missions but failed to score any victories.

Promoted to Praporshik (Ensign), his unit was moved to Luzk in August of 1916. After flying the SPAD A.2, his squadron was reequipped with Nieuport scouts and on November 25, 1916, he scored his first victory in aerial combat. Three days after scoring his fifth victory, Kokorin was shot down by members of FFA 242.