Karl Kaszala
Karl Kaszala
Karl Kaszala
  • Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Rank: Offizierstellvertreter
  • Units: Flik 1, 14, 41J
  • Victories: 8
  • Date Of Birth: 1892
  • Place of Birth: Nyrita
  • Date Of Death: 1932

During World War I, Kaszala was the only Austro-Hungarian non-commissioned officer awarded the German Iron Cross, second class. He joined the army in 1914 but transferred to the air service and was assigned to Flik 14 as a reconnaissance pilot. Claiming the Aviatik B.III was a deathtrap, Kaszala refused to fly it and was reassigned to Flik 1. Flying the Brandenburg C.I, he scored three victories by the beginning of 1917 and in February of that year, he was reassigned to Flik 41J under Godwin Brumowski. Flying Brandenburg and Albatros scouts on the Isonzo Front, he was credited with five more victories, including one balloon.