Marcel Hugues
Marcel Anatole Hugues
Marcel Anatole Hugues
  • Country: France
  • Rank: Capitaine
  • Service: French Air Service
  • Units: MF22; N77, N81, Spa95
  • Victories: 12
  • Date Of Birth: January 5, 1892
  • Place of Birth: Belfort

Hugues joined the French army in 1910. After serving with an infantry regiment for three years, he reenlisted and rose to the rank of Sergent-major by the beginning of the war. In 1915 he was promoted to Sous Lieutenant, transferred to the French Air Service at Avord and received a Pilot's Brevet in July of 1916. In March of 1918, Hugues assumed command of Spa95 and was promoted to Capitaine in June. He retired from the military in 1933 but returned to service during World War II, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and assuming command of Groupe de Chasse II/5.