Fernand Guyou
Fernand Eugene Guyou
Fernand Eugene Guyou
  • Country: France
  • Rank: Sous Lieutenant
  • Service: French Air Service
  • Units: N15, N49, N93, N351, N395, N463
  • Victories: 12
  • Date Of Birth: January 7, 1891
  • Place of Birth: Champigny sur Marne
  • Date Of Death: September 1, 1944
  • Place of Death: Morocco

When the war began, Guyou was serving in the cavalry. In April of 1915, he transferred to the French Air Service, receiving his Pilot's Brevet on February 17, 1916. After serving with N49, he was reassigned to N15 but was badly wounded on September 23, 1916. Returning to duty on December 20, 1916, he served briefly with three Escadrilles before being pemanently assigned to N93 on August 25, 1917. By the end of the war, Guyou had logged 431 hours and 10 minutes of flight time against the enemy. After working as a commercial airline pilot, he rejoined the military during World War II.