Roderic Dallas
Roderic Dallas
Roderic Stanley "Breguet" Dallas
  • Country: Australia
  • Rank: Major
  • Service: Royal Naval Air Service Royal Air Force
  • Units: 1 Naval; 1 Wing (RNAS) 40 (RAF)
  • Victories: 32
  • Date Of Birth: July 30, 1891
  • Place of Birth: Mount Stanley, Queensland
  • Date Of Death: June 1, 1918
  • Place of Death: Near Lievin

Dallas joined the Australian army in 1913. When war was declared, he applied for a transfer to the Royal Flying Corps but was rejected, was accepted by the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915. Flying Nieuport Scouts, Sopwith Triplanes and Sopwith Camels, Dallas scored 23 victories before he assumed command of 40 Squadron on April 1, 1918. Two weeks later, he was wounded while strafing enemy troop positions but continued flying combat missions. While piloting an S.E.5a, he scored 9 more victories before he encountered three members of Jasta 14 and was killed in action, shot down by Johannes Werner in a Fokker DR.I.