Jesse Creech
Jesse Orin Creech
Jesse Orin Creech
  • Country: United States
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service: Royal Flying Corps United States Air Service
  • Units: 148th Aero
  • Victories: 7
  • Date Of Birth: August 22, 1896
  • Place of Birth: Harlan, Kentucky
  • Date Of Death: February 16, 1948
  • Place of Death: Louisville, Kentucky

Creech joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1917. After training in Canada, he served as a flight instructor in Texas. In early 1918, he transferred to the United States Air Service and was assigned to the 148th Aero Squadron on July 4, 1918. On September 2, 1918, two flights of his squadron engaged fifteen Fokker D.VIIs of Jasta Boelcke. In the ensuing battle, Creech scored one victory but he and five other Sopwith Camel pilots were shot down. Taking part in his squadron's last patrol of the war, Creech scored his final victory on October 28, 1918.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

"On October 28, 1918, this officer's flight attacked seven Fokker biplanes; after shooting one off his Flight Commander's tail, he attacked another which crashed NW of Jenlain. On another occasion in a general engagement, the EA dived through a cloud and Lt. Creech followed him and succeeded in getting another burst which caused the EA to crash near Bourlon Wood. This officer has served over four months with his Squadron and has destroyed six EA and driven down one out of control. He has often acted as patrol leader and shown great judgement and skill, and his gallantry and devotion to duty have at all times been very noteworthy." DFC citation, London Gazette