Jean Chaput
Jean Chaput
Jean Chaput
  • Country: France
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service: French Air Service
  • Units: C28; MF28; N57; Spa57
  • Victories: 16
  • Date Of Birth: September 17, 1893
  • Place of Birth: Paris
  • Date Of Death: May 6, 1918
  • Place of Death: Near Montdidier

Chaput joined the army in 1913 and served in the infantry before transferring to the French Air Service in 1914. After receiving a Pilot's Brevet in February of 1915, he was assigned to MF28 where he quickly rose in rank, was wounded in combat on June 15 and received the Médaille Militaire a few days later. Wounded again on July 10, Chaput did not return to duty until January of 1916. Assigned to N57 in May of 1916, he was wounded for the third time on August 24 and was unable to return to duty until May of 1917. In April of 1918, Chaput assumed command of Spa57 but was killed in action the following month when his SPAD S.XIII was shot down by Hermann Becker of Jasta 12.

Médaille Militaire

"Sergent pilot of Escadrille C28. A pilot of extraordinary skill, courage, sang-froid, and devotion, Recently experienced, other than service in artillery reconnaissance, very efficient service in aerial pursuit. Never hesitated on several occasions, during the operations from 7 to 13 of June 1915, to give pursuit to enemy planes better armed than himself. Returned on the 12th with his plane riddled by machine gun bullets after having forced his adversary to land." Médaille Militaire citation, June 23 1915

Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur

"Temporary Sous Lieutenant of Escadrille N57. Pilot of admirable audacity and sang-froid. He has had for more than a year daily, aerial combats during the course of which he shot down four German planes. On June 12, 1915; March 18, April 30 and May 22, 1916. Already cited four times in orders." Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur citation, June 4, 1916