Howard Burdick
Howard Burdick
Howard Burdick
  • Country : United States
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Service: United States Air Service
  • Units: 17th Aero
  • Victories: 8

Assigned to the 17th Aero, Burdick's squadron was under the command of the Royal Air Force. Flying the Sopwith Camel with a silver spinner and marked with the letter "L", he was a member of George Vaughn's flight. In all he claimed 8 enemy aircraft during September and October of 1918.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

"For skill and gallantry. On 25 October, while on an offensive patrol, this officer attacked a formation of five Fokker biplanes over the forest of Mormal and succeeded in shooting down one in flames. On another occasion he dived on an enemy two-seater but was in turn attacked by two Fokkers, one of which he succeeded in shooting down in flames. Later he attacked three enemy aircraft who were attacking one of our machines and shot down one which dived straight into the ground and crashed. This officer has now destroyed five EA (three in flames) and has at all times displayed the greatest gallantry, skill and disregard of danger." DFC citation